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How can you use Holy Hound Dogs?

Family Fun

- Gather the family
- Watch a Bible story through puppet show or videos
- Ponder the questions together
- Explore and imagine some new ideas
- See and hear images and music that relate
- Play some games
- Enjoy some group activities
- Share stories from your family tree

Zoom Groups

- Gather a small group together virtually
- Read the scripture
- Watch the puppet show or video
- Tackle the questions and share ideas
- Enjoy individual activities

Sunday School

- Use as the primary resource for a Sunday school program
- Share these puppet shows as models for your own or use these as video presentations
- Finish with activities and games

Explore Sample PDF Materials 
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About Nancy Fees

Nancy was born in California.  Her first dog was a fabulous-one-of-a-kind friend named Blackie, who loved the beach, but never learned the knack of stealing a bag lunch without getting caught.  Blackie also experienced great difficulty trying to climb trees where Nancy sometimes perched.

Nancy went to a women’s college, Mills, where she majored in Psychology, and minored in Art History, English, and Philosophy. She then did coursework in Education and received her master’s degree. Since then, she has spent a great deal of time teaching and designing curricula for Sunday school, summer camps, English, math and art classes, and even French, which, NO, she does not speak. Her students have ranged in age from pre-school to college.


She met her husband Paul during college, and the two of them relocated to Providence, Rhode Island for a while where they acquired their first basset, Ferdinand the Wonder Dog.  When they moved west to Cody, Wyoming, they added Fair Isabella to their hound household. What followed were two children of their own, and 16 puppies. 

Reverend Nancy has continued writing curriculum for her Episcopal Sunday school for many years and added a Children’s Chapel – home  of the first puppet shows.  She is currently a deacon at her church and hospice chaplain in Cody. Though the children are launched, the back yard remains a rest-stop for rescued hounds and one dog-friendly cat. You can find Nancy every morning and most nights meditating on her back-yard stump, happily surrounded by furry creatures, where they give thanks together for this beautiful world.

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